CDM Studios has four fully outfitted, spacious ADR sound stages. Whether it’s sourcing your production mics or using precise mic placement, we know how to create the best environment to match your location sound. We’ll provide flexibility and space for your talent, working with them in the way they are most comfortable. When the director can’t be present, it’s our job to make your talent feel at home. You want the actor focused on giving the best performance. Our engineers can do the rest.

Does your talent prefer beeps? Or wipes? The best and most accurate performance happens when your talent feels supported. Whether it’s a double espresso or a space free from distraction – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve had the great pleasure of recording ADR for The Tree of Life, A Monster Calls, The Code, Damnation with amazing talent including: Sigourney Weaver, Samuel L. Jackson, Margot Robbie, Michelle Williams, Ben Vereen, Olivia Thirlby, Angelica Houston and Natalie Portman. We also love collaborating with independent filmmakers and building relationships with emerging talent.




CDM Studios has five state-of-the-art, fully isolated booths for all of your narration needs, whether you’re recording voiceover for a reality TV show, conducting an interview for a press junket, or creating a museum guide. Spacious, expertly designed studios that are bathed in natural light create the perfect environment for talent and executives alike.

The control rooms overlook large booths with 50” LCD monitors, and dedicated talk-back mics and line-of-sight for director/talent make for a seamless creative flow. Whether it’s generating a text overlay for your video, sourcing a production mic, or configuring Source Connect connections, we’re here to create a tailor-made session for you. Our goal is to create an environment where you feel both inspired and at home.

We have had the pleasure of recording thousands of hours of narration with the likes of: Hugh Jackman, Angelica Houston, Laurence Fishburne, Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro, America Ferrara, Rooney Mara, Gabriel Byrne, Jessica Chastain, Rachel Brosnahan, Joseph Gordon Levitt, President George H.W. Bush, Kevin Kline, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen Barkin, Gina Gershon, Harvey Keitel and Chevy Chase.




CDM Studios has five sound booths that are tailor-made for podcast recording, with the perfect vibe for hosts and guests alike. Our spacious studios can accommodate 4-6 people on mic for a roundtable podcast discussion, as well as fully isolated booths with LCD monitors that enjoy natural light and are perfect for multi-location shows. The space is designed to create a cozy ambience – with sofas, desk, coffee tables, armchairs and a well-stocked green room with an accommodating staff.

Many of the booths are camera friendly, ideal for filming your podcast – which we are happy for you to do. We also have studios set up with webcams for Zoom video interviews or for broadcasting your podcast.

We know your guests’ time is valuable, so if your interview starts at 2 pm, everything will be prepped according to your specs and we’ll be ready to record when you walk in the door. The rooms are outfitted to patch-in calls for your hosts and are equipped with multiple talk-back mics for producers – creating the perfect flow for your conversation.



Audio books

CDM Studios has been honored with multiple Grammy Awards and Audie Awards for our collaboration with the likes of Stephen Colbert, Amy Poehler, the Beastie Boys and Jon Stewart. We have recorded thousands of audio books for top publishers including Penguin Random House Audio, Harper Collins Audio, Macmillan Audio, Simon and Schuster Audio and Audible.com. We also offer full service post-production services for audio books.



From high-end commercials to internal training videos, CDM Studios offers a full-service menu for our advertising clients. As a boutique studio, we are able to provide the highest quality audio recording and finishing services at a competitive price. Beyond quality, we have the ability to create a tailor-made session: accommodating weekend, night, and holiday sessions, as well as providing concierge services in a professional and welcoming atmosphere.

You won’t miss a beat. At the end of your session, you will leave with temp files so you can stay on deadline while we finish your deliverables. CDM Studios offers commercial and advertising voiceover, sound design, mixing, and editing services. We’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing commercial clients including: Laphroaig, MasterCard, Coca-Cola, Axe, Guinness, and Vanity Fair.



Live Ensemble

CDM Studios has two large studios with very spacious, fully isolated booths that can comfortably accommodate up to eight performers and 6 mics. The studio and our engineers provide the space for your ensemble to riff, to be spontaneous and experience moments of inspired collaboration. We love the energy of working with groups from Broadway musical actors to B-boys.

We’ve enjoyed recording the award-winning, SPIN – the first audio book musical, an adaptation of Rumpelstiltskin for Harper Audio.

Other exciting multi-cast projects include: Hamilton: The Exhibition with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo and Christopher Jackson; Angels In America with the original Broadway cast; Puss in Boots; BBC Radio Drama productions; The Grimm Fairytales for Random House; Uncommon Type: Some Stories with Tom Hanks and friends and full production and sound effects for the Star Wars novels.



Post production audio

In film, picture satisfies only one of the senses. Sound satisfies the rest. Sound creates dynamic environments, emotional touchstones, and unforgettable movie moments. At CDM Studios, we love to collaborate with filmmakers in bringing to life the world that they have imagined.

CDM Studios provides post-production audio services including: ADR, dialogue editing, sound design, sound mixing, and DIY Foley as well as access to a half terabyte of sound effect libraries.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on award-winning films, produced in locations around the world, that have played in top film festivals including Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, Berlin, and Toronto. We love forging relationships with seasoned producers and emerging talent alike.



Specialty audio and restoration

CDM Studios provides a wide range of specialty audio needs. We’ve restored and improved audio clarity for everything from a digital re-release of a classic LP to an old answering machine message for an ongoing police investigation. We’ve restored audio for films with bad dialogue recording.

We’ve had the honor of working extensively with the 9/11 Memorial Museum recording, restoring and archiving audio. We also have experience recording in-person audio memoirs and family histories. In addition to audio work, we have also helped to create strategies for specialty projects. These projects are often unique and singular. We love having the opportunity to collaborate with you on your specialty project.




Connectivity is an essential part of many sessions, whether it’s a director working remotely with an actor, or a podcast host taking calls from her listeners. We provide all of the state-of-the-art connectivity technologies and use them every day in a wide range of complex configurations – so that you never miss a beat.

We can set you up with a simultaneous phone patch and Zoom connection that will record to separate tracks. Or, if your project requires precise sync, we offer high-fidelity connections including COMREX and Source Connect Pro. Connections we offer include:

  • Phone Patch
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • ipDTL (host account required)
  • Source Connect Pro and Source Now
  • Comrex



File transfer

At CDM Studios, pristine file organization and delivery is one of our hallmarks, and is as important to us as using the right mic. We think about naming conventions, file types, and transfer as we set up your session – so that you receive everything in a tidy, zipped package, and files are always easy for you to find.

We never charge extra for file transfer or delivery, as we believe that those services should be included with a session. In addition to a private FTP server, we can transfer files to and from sites like Dropbox, Aspera, WeTransfer, or provide a direct FTP link.